May 22, 2011

lotsa f words sorry!

so its been awhile since my last post - because i have been working 24 fuckin' 7 at my day job. to the point that my back is absolutely killing me despite having a massage, doing an hour of bellydance stretches, sauna steam hotshower anti-inflamm meds and painkillers and tiger balm. i am fucked and that is it, i cannot do anymore long hours at this job. i've never had real back problems ever before and i'm going to keep it that way!

because last night i was even too sore to work on my pure black freeform project and/or go to my daughter ravenisis gig at postitively 4th street. i felt terrible to miss it. and i also didn't crochet at all today (yet) despite being at drink/shop/do, but that is because i was with my new bfatclubff. i really really love her already! (waves at abi ) cannot wait to see her again after the bank holiday weekend - its sooo nice to share sooo many interests with someone.

ok, now off to do some more back freeform - if i can.
fuckin' back pain.


Vanessa Hubbard said...

I could work there!

Gentle hugs for your back pain. And delegate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your back's still bad.

I live right next to that bar - will she be performing there again? Let me know next time and I'll come along!

cherie... said...

i could work there too vanessa, as long as i could do it all one handed!

and yes fingers, ravenisis performs there alot, i'll let you know next time.

she's got a gig this friday night i know about - will post details when i get them!