Oct 19, 2008

weekly update...

another week, another knitclub.
even though i've only been to iknit twice, i have really dug in and it feels like home.
i love it there! and last thursday, the fiance rafrasilecs even came along to chill out, drink cider, and crochet...it was one of the best evenings we have had out together with friends in ages!

well except maybe the wedding party we went to last night!
it was a lovely haunted house/alice in wonderland theme
(her name is alice and it is almost halloween...)

i wanted to look my best so went to aveda and had my hair re-browned and it is the most luscious dark chocolate colour ever...and i wore THE highest hi hi heeled shoes - sexy black patent leather with an ankle strap and slight stripper feel...yum...with tight pencil skirt and tubey type top with built in bra (luckily, but only an H cup so alot of benny hill style spillage...oooo err....) and my luscious fur trimmed porn coat by satya james

and luckily my botox has settled in so my lovely arched drag queen eyebrows are back!!!

o and i really really hope that the love the skeleton bride and groom and cthulu amigurumi that made for them out of the creepy cute crochet book...

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