Nov 9, 2008

cold feet!

went shopping for a new pair of cozy ugg-type slippers today on the way home from the gym...and they were all just too uncomfortable. just too structured to be cozy - too much like boots. which got me thinking...i used to always make crocheted slippers for everyone and wear them myself but somehow got out of the habit. so my next little project is to find some uber-warm and cozy fuzzy yarn and a sexy crocheted boot pattern and get going as the longer i leave it the colder my tootsies get!

o and not sure i'll be making it to any knitclubs this week...
on wednesday i have a little check up with lovely french doc to check he is happy with the nefertiti lift he did on me and thursday night there is a showcase on at the mill in soho that i said i'd go with the fiance to...then the weekend at the waterside!

and next week we are in milan to see the black keys and to get tattooed. so might not see all my knitclub friends for a few weeks.
o dear.

will miss you!

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Davies Family said...

Can I just say I love the skull and crossbones afgan. I wish so bad that I would have tried harder to learn crochet while Nana was here to teach me. But then I think I am crafting challenged! I love the sound of your purple pumpkins. We are all about purple at our house! Glad you are doing so well. You have an open invitation to our house anytime. We would love to have you here! American Fork isn't so exciting but we have a Target, Wal-mart and now even an Olive Garden. So things are looking up:) Like your tatoo bet it hurt like a bitch with all that black. LOve, JEn