Apr 9, 2009

chin job

i really really need to crochet a cowl as soon as possible!
because i got laser lipo on my neck today...and am swollen and have to wear a bandage until tuesday. did ask my plastick surgeon if he could cut the bandage fancy like a swirly beard but he just laughed...maybe next time

so i have to go out on saturday so need to get crocheting - or i will have to keep wearing a pashmina tied high...


Fishwhiskers said...

i think a hijab is the answer ... plenty here



cherie... said...

i just tried to buy the leopard print 2 piece = and the postage was $62.80 on something that only cost $11.99...ugh! next time i'll stock up as there are so many shops on my parents' street that sell lovely hajibx.

this site is really nice!

Fishwhiskers said...

see, i just knew a hijab would be the answer. they must sell them in london somewhere, then there is no postage :)