Aug 21, 2009


friday is here and i'm sooo tired.
got a big big weekend and alot to do before i head off to croatia on thursday!
and i'm so conflicted as i want to go to cafe stitch at the wellcome as well as the bust craftacular tomoro...choices choices. and of course there is all the usual pre-vacation preening that needs to happen - like redarkening my hair, etc...

so i'm tired but also really excited as i've been thinking alot about crocheting nice soft wire jewellry and the lovely reirabbit brought in some bracelets she has and now i'm sure that i want to try it out...first with some cheapie shit stuff then the best ever ingredients that i can find! can you imagine soft lovely rose gold wire with deep black ebony crystals??? yum! so i'm busy clearing wip's to make room for new crafty bits.

so has anyone else tried this?

oo i can't wait - yummy tiaras and stuff!

tonight though will be spent working on my skully afghan...and maybe finishing off some more mario piranha flowers...

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