Oct 1, 2009

out of towner

my life is such a rush now - even more so than it was before. and i was bad THEN. now tis worse - but i'm loving being out of london and out of the house every other weekend. especially as it means hanging out in bristol's yarn shop...and in a fancy bed made of jungle vines. it also means less time for hooking, and making sure i have little mobile project that don't take up much room as i like travelling light!

which means unless the weather really turns this weekend, i won't be taking the new yummy black silk and alpaca and human hair scarf i've been working on...damn it's beautiful - i cn't wait to get it photographed properly to show you all. i've used my old hair as the black human hair fringes and it is lush...i even worked on it a bit more when i got home from movida last night, and i can't wait until there is time to make more more more. in the meantime i'll be carrying around and continuing to make bright coloured aums.

while drinking cider on boats.

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Fishwhiskers said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeell, it's supposed to be partly cloudy, partly sunny over the next 3 days ... 14 - 17 degrees. is that scarf weather for a californian girl? look forward to seing u xxxx