Dec 9, 2009

healing like a vampire mo-fo

i slept alot since that last post.
so much that i missed the blondeboy kissing me goodbye before he went off back to the wilds of wales for another week of work. at least he has his voodoo scarf i made him with my old dreadlocks to keep him warm.

i'm exhausted.
my body is healing like some psycho vampyre superhero.
really - the alien nostril hole on my ribcage is closing up so fast i'm sure i could watch it happen if i could hold my right tit up that long and not get bored. or even more tired. not drinking and trying to eat more protein mixed with painkillers seems to be working for me and my body.

but needless to say i have managed to accomplish nothing more as far as crafty bits except for a few rows on an aum square. i so need yarn scored to cover the red hot water bottle i've bought for annmarie seienstyle as she arrives next week. i am getting in training for her visit my going out and consuming as much vitlok as possible tonight with my lovely friend thayer prime, so i can get all the latest foo fighter boy gossip!

so priority one:
buy lovely red varigated yarn.

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