Jan 25, 2010

if its tuesday it must be volupte

well i hated most of the changes that i made to the dreadlock scarf so hacked a few rows off - it's mohairy type fuzzy yarn so it doesn't matter as it won't really unravel - and if it does, i'll just tie it back together - it will add to the voodoo juju look and feel of the creation. i do like the scrumblie type ruffles i added to the ends though and the thickening width at one end so have left...will see how it wears next time i wrap it roundme...

...but not tomoro!
as my daughter is doing her show at volupte.
so i need to look smart - am thinking the vintage polka dot laura ashley skirt suit if i can get it zipped up! not worn it since the first weekend i went to stay with the new blondeboy last october, so might'nt fit any longer as i piled on the weight last time i was sick with the alien growth thingy.

so fingers crossed.
otherwise tomoro lunchtime will be spent shopping and i never have luck.
at all.

o wait - i forgot my blue satin off the shoulder dress!
i'll just need someone to ziiiiip me up. phew.


Daf said...

Woo - is this Club Volupte ?
I have it written in my phone notes for some reason - someone must have suggested it to me. Must check it out.

cherie... said...

the photo isn't from volupte, but yes i was talking about the club - it gets packed out early, so i missed her show...but the bar upstairs does lovely happy hour martinis!