Feb 2, 2010


so i had to find somewhere to hide the kalima heart - so decided full view was the best! it's now in the liberty bag of beautiful deep dark rich coloured yarns next to my bed...hope that is a good enough place - as the new mister blondeboy is moving his lovely big black four poster canopy jungle vine bed into my room tomoro!!!

shitting myself but also fine.

and chillin' out making swedish bunnies as my scandofamily annmarie seienstyle is coming to stay on friday - for alternative fashion week...and my daughter's 25th birthday, yikes.

i am oooold.


Grandmother's Legacy said...

I sewed a heart out of an old red t-shirt, but this is amazing. I love that you made a REAL heart.

cherie... said...

thanks so much!
i tried to leave a comment on your blog, but for some reason it wasn't working...love your yarnbombing!

Grandmother's Legacy said...

I'm really glad you liked my blog! And my yarn bombing!
I feel so new that I'm afraid no one will look at my stuff, but it's still so much fun to make.
Sucks that it wasn't working for comments. Feel free to try again on my new stuff when it goes up XD
Thanks again!