Feb 18, 2010

love love love

i know it's not crochet, but it's stitchy related, and it's my blog so i can talk about whatever the f*ck i want to really...because i just ordered these embroidery transfers by tara mcperson for sublime stitching!:! how great are they???

and in true DIY style, i'll probably mix it up a bit, and i doubt i'll embroider with as many strands as the example photos (from sublime website)...i really think the lips could be done with maybe only one strand of floss?

i'm just sooo damn excited about this as i love tara - as a person and as an illustrator. she is so talented and the sweetest person you'll ever meet. i first fell in love with her stuff years ago and was so lucky that i hooked up with her via my old flatmate and friend and co-work kimlovesstuff.

i am not usually such a fangirl, but having tara passed out asleep on my sofa was quite an honour. she even left behind a pair of knickers that we thought about making art out of but instead we washed and my daughter ravenisis wore them. o and my daughter has a BIG show tonight if any of you londoners want to attend? shit shit shit - i did actually think the show was tomoro!!!

sorry jo roach - i'm not going to make make your gin ladies homewarm stitch and bitch...

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