Mar 18, 2010

flower power!

so you all know how i've just kinda been spinning my wheels treading whatever, water or something...waiting til i have the yarn needed to finish all my projects, or the stuffing to make more rabbits and piranha flowers and other amigurumi. and i'm off to canterbury this weekend (but i'm not allowed to order unicorns on room service) and gonna hang out with my mildly diverting mater who used to be the most amazing home economics teacher!

i've been warned that she's not going to know what to make of me, so what is she going to think when i resurrect the spring yarn bombing project that my fishie sister and i started last year? crocheted flowers to attach to bushes to get the springtime feel early! and i have found this great pattern - slightly 3D and still firm enough to tie to bare little twigs...thank you so much salihan crafts for making this available free online - you have no idea how many flower patterns i went through before i found the perfect one.

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