Apr 10, 2010

find cassie!

firstly - for anyone back home or anyone that knows anyone back home can you please have a look at this blog post and pass it along if you can? nother crafty vixen could really use our help in trackin down her daughter cassie who has been missing since the 8th...there is a possibility that she could have run away, and may be headed towards Virginia. thanks so much for having a look - just in case we can help in anyway.

as a mom i can't even imagine what she is going through - just thinking about my daughter ravenisis going missing makes me sick. my daughter means everything to me and i'm so lucky - shes my best friend as well as my only family over here in london...and i'm so proud of her! we had a great day together today at the V+A for their quilt exhibition. she got me the tickets for my birthday last weekend.

i do have to say tho-that i really don't think i've seen that many menopausal women in one space ever before in my life! what is it about patchwork and the change?

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