Apr 27, 2010

pretty ugly?

feels like i'm getting a bit of my crafting mojo back...

really looking forward to the friday late night this week at the V&A!
the girls from tea&make are really inspiring and interesting and i'm looking forward to meeting up with them. in fact, i already think i want to be esther...she's got the perfect combo of day job in digi and life of crafting - and gets paid for it!

then i've also joined up for a year=long crafty freeform crochet-a-long project.
as i have said before, it is my first ever crochet-a-long thingie and it will be interesting to see how i do, especially as i'm really intrigued by the whole freeform thing but it can slide into ugly hippy shit really easily. i really think that that is going to be my biggest challenge - creating something pretty and light and mermaidy without it becoming granola hempy ugly.

so i've gathered up all my prettiest and mostly dk fairy nymph-like cottons and scattered them all over the shag rug in the sitting room. the first week is going to be inspired by the hibiscus flower...so hopefully off to a good start. although last night's good start was hampered by having to finish off a bottle of pink champagne that left behind after the enchanted palace on sunday.

then my other new project is to create a cozy for my stuntman's bike lock chain, we can't have his frame getting all scratched up now can we? and he's actually requesting this! wow. so have got another pile of yarn in the sitting room of white, oranges, purple, blues, and the brightest green imagineable to start on this asap too!

busy busy busy.


Anonymous said...

Oooh I must go to that late!!

cherie... said...

yes definitely!
but i warn you...the bar is cash only.
so bring some £££

see you there honey xxx