Apr 21, 2010

saturday nights alright for fightin'

so despite me being a confirmed hooker, i seem to be part of a lovely little gang o' ladies who have named themselves knit1 eat1. i think that they came to this decision while i was passed out cold at the dinner table of ms marmite lover's underground restaraunt, because i'd never have agreed to such a thing!

but as i learned the other week when i let my hairdresser cut my hair while i napped...if i'm going to siesta then i'm going to have to live with it. and gosh darn i really can't wait for my hair to grow - think i am needing a falso pony tail for belly dancing definitely.

anyway, let's recap why i was a asleep at the table and NOT crocheting at the underground restaraunt. for this we have to back track to thursday night where it all started... so here's a timeline:

thursday night
7:00 arrive for sushi and sake with thayer prime
9:30 go to she says women in digital birthday party which sucked so drank brambles
10:00 head over to the cellar door and consume dirty gin martinis and lots of free champagne as i am still celebrating my birthday as it is still april and i was born on the first.

friday day
lunch drinks with my accountant at the crown clerkenwell green
straight home because i'm dead tired

saturday day
11:00 training really darn hard with my trainer ivo
13:00 double vodka at the ship in soho
15:00 another at the intrepid fox
17:00 sundowner on my roof 'the bloomsbury skyline club'

saturday night
11:00 head to the cock tavern to watch my daughter ravenisis perform
midnight drinking 'dudes' at the el camino in soho with the swingin' film crowd

...this is where it ALL goes wrong!

01:oo am decide to head home as feeling tipsey, but unfortunately have to go passed the crobar to get home, where i firstly fall off my stripper heels straight on my ass then stand up and go straight over on my nose. go home to clean myself up and go to sleep.

which would have been okay but...

06:00 am my door buzzer is going and my daughter is locked out.
so i decide it's a good time for a disco nap.
then stay up the rest of the morning cuddling my blondeboy and drinking bloody mary's

sunday day proper
11:00am finally fall asleep
high noon wake up with an ice pick in my eye socket and take loads of painkillers and slather arnica on my face and then get stuck on the tube at baker street for ages.
14:15 finally make it to ms marmite lover's and have a glass of cava, then more bubbles, then a glass of the nicest red i have ever let between my lips.

went straight home
did not pass go
missed my daughter's sunday night show at the cellar door.

i am a bad mother
a horrid guest
and a pretty crap crocheter lately!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! Any other name suggestions?

cherie... said...

i'll have a think, but i'm so used to just having to go along with all the knitty names that it's really not a problem!