May 19, 2010

bring your daughters to the slaughter!

i love mashups and DIY
guess that is why i'm finally getting into the freeform thing as tis a bit of both.
but damn it can be ugly! i know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is obscenity.
do have to say though that i'm finding it really really really hard o create something that is freeform AND pretty. i'd hoped by sticking to mermaidy colours it would help, but it hasn't and i had to rip and redo the beginning, and i also keep editing down my yarn pile to pull from for this project...fingers crossed that i can stay with it!

i'll hopefully get time tonight to work on this week's clues, but already treble booked as usual and got my friend here staying with me. i'm so proud of her - she works for FoE australia!


Samsara said...

That Ross Sisters video is mad isn't it? Thanks for commenting on my blog, and yes, I'm going to the Raqs Brittania in Sheffield - are you?

cherie... said...

i love the ross sisters.
so glad to have found your blog.
i'm thinking of going along, yes!

Samsara said...

Dooo, it's going to be fab! I think we're going Saturday night! :)