May 2, 2010

mayday! mayday!

so as the weather is sooo shit in london this weekend, and i was stuck in waiting for my oldest friend to turn up from back home, i finally got stuck into the doris chan book n started a project from it! n i am so oo glad that i did, as it's been extra warm and cozy to be playing with mohair on such a rotten is so cold here that we actually wished we had gloves when we were out shopping and pubbing today!

and what's really great is even though i started it this evening when we got back from the pub, i am pretty much halfway finished and it's only just got 1am...if it was light enough in our bedroom i'd be working on it now - i had to vacate the sitting room as the old friend gets the big over-stuffed goosedown sofa for her few hours snooxe...she has an early flight so i reckon i'll be awake again in a few hours - that's if i get to sleep at all. i'm starting to get back to my old insomniac self.

which is oky - as it means more time for crochet!

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