Nov 7, 2010

remember remember every november!

so last weekend was my family, this weekend his family...
just got back from bristol, where strangely enough i didnt actually do any yarnbombin' but i did notice that all my crochetti i left six weeks ago are now gone. not sure if that is good or bad as not sure anyone saw them.

anyway - spent alot of this weekend working on my mom's shrug.
it's just like the one i made for my sis in law, but sis' is black and i worked in front loops on a J, while my mom's is grey and worked in back loops on a will be mine and i know i'm going to workit on an ecven larger hook so its even more loose and floaty for more easy layering!

o and the hooks i'm using are fuckin' divine.
mom got me a set of ebony hooks as an eary xmas gift!

and here is my new netbook cozy!


Yvonne said...

Ebony hooks sound fantastic - link please! Must get back into doing more crochet and the shrug sounds ideal

cherie... said...

i've actually not got my crochet on me right now as it's getting too big to carry round easily and i've not started the next heart baby blanket for my friend nina!

Emanation said...

LOVE your 'Crochetti' word, can I borrow that in exchange for Craftiti? Nice one girrrly girl! xxx

cherie... said...

why of course you can use it honey, altho i didn't come up with it al by myself - my chef friend owen helped me (it's his pub i bombed)