Nov 23, 2010

who is going to iknit wednesday night???

so i found out for sure my friend nicole of blink is having a boy, and finished a project in time to take to her lovely baby shower, it was at a really nice pub that i'd love to go to again - except i can't walk there, so in reality will probably never go again. i took a photo of what i made, but the photos aren't very good so i'll wait til the mom sends me another before displaying here...but at least i finally found a use for some of those skully squares i made awhile back!

now i'm back to finishing up my mom's shrug, but really need another project i can carry around with me...hmmm. because i really really need something to bring with me tomorrow night to keep me occupied while waiting to meet my dead ex husband's birth mother. yup, she tracked me down about six months ago - and it's horridly upsetting that it was about a year after he passed.

she's in london this week for a wedding so i'm going to meet her down the southbank - then at least i'll be close to iknit if i need a bit of moral support afterwards. it's a strange place to be in as we were already separated when he died, but i still wish so much that he was still around just to see how my daughter ravenisis gets even more amazing - especially to hear her sing the blues. he'd be so proud of her too... yea, a strange place.

just spent hours trying to find old photos for his mom and maybe only found twenty that aren't packed away so deep they need a miner's lamp to find. i'm going to try to find a little photo album to put them in tomorrow, something to make them a bit more special than a brown envelope.

so who wants to buy me a beer this time tomorrow night?

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