Dec 13, 2010

december raqs!


the last few weeks have been busy - busy bristol bellydancing, busy with xmas nights out, and busy being bitten by the flu bug. ugh!

so went to a fucking amazing tribal weekend in bristol, and didn't actually crochet a stitch, although i did yarnbomb every pub that i was in! ( no photos sorry )

the first night we were there, and one of the main three reasons for the trip was the tribal vitalogy weekend put on by viktoria pearl boheme at what used to be the junction on stokes croft. the venue wasn't very large and within the first hour was sooo packed out it was impossible to move, but i still made a few visits to the souk where i scored some a nice little dread fall in colours the same as my hair and already adorned with beads and rings - for less than it would have been me making myself despite having boxes of synth hair just sitting there on the shelves staring at me...

i also scored some lovely waist belts all beaded and jangly, which i've already worn as headpieces - and some lovely jewellry bits n bobs. so happpy - and all for less than the one piece i scored at raqs brittania - so bargain! and gave me something to wear at cat's birthday bash...all i needed was added facepaint with drum n bass dj and danced my ass off all night - and this all after a couple hours workshopping with the amazing samantha emmanuel drilling upper body AND the evenin in the pub while my bondeboy flashed his sparkly g-string at absolutely everyone!

gotta love him.

then home.
a couple xmas dinners.
and flu.

been stuck on the sofa and barely managed to make anything at all the last day or so - just some nice sparkly ornaments for my bright pink tree!

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