Jan 8, 2011


so my london geeky girls are kidnapping me this weekend for a bit of a post-wedding paarty - so watch out margate! and this time not just because of the yarn bombs i will be leavin' behind, but you will have an extra 15 uber-smart ladies drunk on champagne and cake and tea wondering your seaside attractions this weekend.

i am so touched - really touched - that the girls have gone to such trouble for me. it's amazing. still, it's also really hard to get myself together and let go this morning. my daughter is back in the fucking tabloid papers through no fault of her own! and also maybe also because i'm just a bit embarrassed that my latest crochet project isn't high-brow enough for the ladies...

...a neck warmer of bright purple acrylic.

you see, as well as being my geek sisters, we also have our own stitchup group called stitch and fish as a spin-off of our digi industry mailing list:
. this mailing list is awesom - it's basically ravelry for a group of 69 or so friends to talk and share everything all day everyday for the last 15 years. whoever thought a list created to book baby foot games with wired magazine journos would spawn such amazing friendships.

this weekend - i feel very very lucky indeed.

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