Mar 7, 2011

freeforming again

so its national crochet month in america right now...and all the online forums are buzzing with events and ideas and free patterns. as part of natcromo i'm taking part in a freeform project where we are all designers for a day and give each other clues. i started bit late on the actual crochet part of the challenge, and decided to use deep jewel colours, but have already ripped it out. i'm just not a multi coloured freeform kinda gal at the moment.

so i've restarted with all black in different textures. i don't think i've seen a pure black freeform project so i'm looking forward to working on it and took it along to the pub with me yesterday. while my blondeboy husband was celebrating his 30th birthday (yes he's gettin' all growed up) at the knitpub (crown and 2 chairmen) i hooked away over a couple bloody mary's and a beer.

and what i thought was a hangover is turning into flu...ugh!
but the sun is out in london so i'm pushing through.

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