Apr 16, 2011

military precision

so i have kept on making the granny squares, but used up so much of the stash that my colourways are getting narrower and narrower to the point that i'm not that happy with them. why o why are yarn stores not open til at least 22:00 ???
(that's 10pm for all of you that have never been in the military...)

actually, there is drink-shop-do over on caledonia road that might still be open. hmmm. *ponders while surfing their site AND updating my blog at the same time* it's not that far away...but i'll be over that way in the morning anyway as i want to be the first in line at jolie rouge tattoo shop for the sunday service for japan. each tatoo artist has designed a sheet of japanese inspired flash, and will be tattooing designs off of it with all proceeds going to the relief efforts.

now off to have a lovely lavender bath...

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