Apr 7, 2011

sleep is so not for the week!

well hello thursday...

i crammed so so much into my birthday weekend that it just pretty much has not stopped and is about to become a week long celebration. but yesterday i did manage to create some granny squares for the crochet a rainbow blanket project - finally. made the one square (above) while waiting for the radiator guy yesterday morning (sounds like beginning of a porn film doesn't it???) then a few more last night after my tribal belly dance class with hilde.

granny squares are a bit of a weird project to work on because they are sooo easy that you can pretty much do them in your sleep BUT they require so many balls of yarn they are not very portable...kinda the same as a my all black freeform project that is using all different types of black yarn. so i need a portable project to carry with me again...maybe i'll dive into my wip pile and see what can be resurrected!

i also need to get some little packs together as i will be helping people to hook at this lovely "university" day in june - craft day at the underground restaurant run by the lovely ms marmitelover

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Z of ZKNITZ said...

How funny.

I'm doing granny squares too.

By the way it sounds, you must have been crocheting for a long time. I'm kind of new. Not really a beginner but definately not an expert. So for me personally, I can't do them in my sleep...at least not yet.

From the way your granny square looks, it seems to me that granny square have a few variations to them.

Anyway, thank you for sharing this picture.

And Happy Belated Birthday!