Jun 1, 2011


well, these short bank holiday weeks are great - til you realise you have less days to do everything! i'm really really looking forward to this saturday...and having fun planning every detail - what to take with me, what to wear, and what to do on the day!

so what am i taking?
ima' gonna take lots of balls of colourful DK weight yarn and some 4mm crochet hooks and teach people to crochet, or lead beginners into the way of the granny square, or get experienced hookers making bunting for international yarn bomb day on june 11th.

i think i'm going to wear...
one of my big lacy petticoat skirts depending what still fits me as i have now managed to lose more than two whole stone in as many months!!! (thank little baby jesus for safety pins)

and what am i going to do on the day??
I AM GOING TO HAVE FUN. loads and loads and loads of it!

i'm looking forward to spending time with the amazing ms marmitelover - because last time i saw her i was hopped up on painkillers as i'd just broken my nose falling off a pair of stripper shoes...yes, i think i'll be wearing much less perilous footwear this saturday...and if the weather holds i can't think of anywhere better to spend a sunny june day than in the big beautiful marmitey back garden!

and if you want to book - because hey, why wouldn't you want to brunch with a hooker, and have a drinkie with an astrologer?
just clickety click below.

Craft Day, brunch & tea at The Underground Restaurant Time: June 4, 2011 all day
Location: Kilburn, London
Organized By: msmarmitelover

Event Description:
Spend the day at The Underground Restaurant learning how to make things.Learn to make your own candles in vintage tea cups with Me_old_Chinaor bring your own containers. http://meoldchina.blogspot.com/We will learn to crochet granny squares and bunting with moi, and tea included. All drinks included.Plus astrologer/life coach Annie Lionnet will be on hand to sort your life out: http://benjamoon.com/annielionnet/
Book here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/112535
All workshops, materials, food and drink included for £85

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