Jul 26, 2011

the good the bad and the ugly

phew, what a weekend that just was...

the good.
i have managed to deliver most of my july bunting orders now. especially with the help of my daughter, ravenisis. so big big thanks to her and if you want a special crochet bunting hooked by a suicide girl burlesque super star please let me know. i've decided that with my day job and my bellydancing schedule i just don't have enough time to fill an etsy or a folksy shop - they look stupid when half empty - so i'll just be offering my bunting here on the blog, in my friend gerard's shop iknit london (yes it's a yarn shop with a bar in it!!), and might put some up on ebay.

i'm always massively proud of my talented daughter and watching her crochet, i've realised that she crochets even faster than i do! (if you've seen me work that is really saying something) raven's a bit of tight hooker luckily, so means her and i don't need the same hook - which is good as i only have one broken wooden 4mm left in my bag...

...4mm is my teaching hook. so i tend to give them away.
my latest student is my work colleague agata who is going to teach me needle felting in return!
today is our bitches make stitches lunch date. i can't wait for a big pot of tea and a chilled out hour (or two) in the middle of the day.

for the rest of my july orders, i just need to sew the labels on and box them up and we are good.

the bad.
as you all know from previous posts, amy winehouse was not my favourite person but it is absolutely horrible to lose your life so early, talented or no. i really feel for her family. and i hope she truly does rest in peace.

the ugly.
i really can't believe that my daughter's boyfriend of three years, reg traviss, is such a fame hungry fucktard. his actions both before and after amy's death just make me sick. the pain he has caused my daughter over the last year is inexcusable. i've never disliked someone so much in my whole entire life...and i have an ex husband (R.I.P.) that left me for my best friend after i waited years for him to get out of of prison...so that really is saying something.

karma is a big fat ugly bitch and one day is gonna spiritually hit that boy like a ton a bricks.

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