Aug 18, 2011

making myself pay

yes i know i know i know...but between my diet work and crocheting orders and my day job, i've been really crap at keeping you all updated, but really, seriously, did you even miss me?

because i know pretty much everyone else is as busy as i am!'s still bunting craziness here at the bloomsbury skyline club.
i'm finishing up my summer orders and will be moving into my next phase of production in a week or two. i've decided to go ahead, take the plunge, and create limited edition holiday themed etsy/folksy shops only. that way i can keep on top of the supply as it will be very time-based -- well that is the plan anyway!

and what am i doing with my earnings?

well i had been shoving it straight into my skin, getting inked. i've been using my hooker money to reward myself with tattoos for all my weight loss. but this last week i had the first real lapse off programme, and my weight stayed the same. exactly the same. i know part of it is because i need a really big poop, but the rest is due to the champagne. it was sooo lovely though!! and even though i feel horrid for going off plan, i know if i didn't have these new skills that it could have been alot worse and i may have gained!

but nope.

stayed the same.
so no £££ for the tattoo fund this week.

instead i loaned it out to kiva, to help finance leticia's shop!

here's more info if you are also interested in helping...
Al negocio de la señora Tomasa le está haciendo falta más variedad de mercancía.
Solicita un préstamo para invertir en compra de ropa para niños, juguetes, y accesorios de bebes como son carriolas, porta bebes, cunas y andadores. No cuenta con el dinero necesario para realizar la inversión que su negocio.
Con una parte de las ganancias del negocio pagara el crédito, ya es madre soltera y tiene un hijo bajo su responsabilidad y es la una fuente de ingreso que para darle lo necesario y una buena educación.

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Grandmother's Legacy said...

I still read you!
I think that it is hard to know whether or not people still follow you or not, but I am still here!