Sep 6, 2011

ghoulie gossip

well, i'd post another photo of my daughter, but i think she has been in the press enough the last few days.  will be interesting to see how much of the actual truth the british press manage to report on - rather than what she wears - a bit of fashion tip with your gossip??? right now she is passed out on the sofa in black silk pajama bottoms and a cashmere

so what other gossip have i got for you all this week? well i passed on some of my old clothes and boots today to one of my geeky stitchy girlfriends...she's lost two stone so is a couple sizes behind me - nice to know my custom boots are going to a good home - they were just too baggy or looked like wellies on me now i've lost around 5 stone and hit my target weight!

another bit of girlie gossip is i've created another hooking beautiful and lovely receptionist caroline  has come over to the crochet side and is joining our office granny square crochet-along...and i've got even more recruits for tomorrow!

...and i'm hoping to launch my seasonal limited edition etsy shop - inspired by the crocheted garland that i've been making for our hallowedding first anniversary party.  can you all believe that 've been mrs. piany for almost a year?  we are thinking of having a nice halloween tea on a boat in bristol, and i'm hoping to get some of the local bellydancers that i know there to perform...but until then i'm crocheting my black nail varnished fingers to the bone.

so far i've created just the basic granny triangle bunting in traditional halloween colours, pastel day of the dead garland, dark halloween alien skull garland, and other spooky inspired bits and pieces!  i know that i'm making them to set up the shop and sell on, as people have been asking me to ---- but it's all so cute i wanna keep it!!!

so i know it is early but what are your hallowe'en plans?

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