Nov 30, 2011

things i miss...

it is sooo lovely being back home and seeing my family here in orange county, but after almost three decades living in london, england there are sooo many things i miss when i'm here! things like...
a cafe on every corner
being able to get a nice meal with a lovely bottle of wine after 10pm
walking everywhere

and then there are two things that i'm really really missing - so much i'm not sure which i'm missing more
my husbandboy AND my stash of yarn

the blondeboy had to stay behind as he's double booked on plasterwork. he's finishing a new bulgari hotel in knightsbridge as well as starting a new project on fleet street.  and my yarn stash, well hey i decided to travel uber-light and reckoned that i could just pick up whatever i needed here...i've just not had a chance.

its so horrid not being able to just cuddle up on the sofa with blondeman and whatever colour yarn i need and hook away!

guess i'll just have to talk to my family,

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