Oct 29, 2008

vive le crochet (sp?)

i made it to wednesday knit night. went all by myself, which is something i wouldn't normally do - i hate to even go for coffee by myself, but i did it! and i made loads of new friends - some on ravelry, some from the neighbourhood, and some from work club of all places! (work club is the digital agency that poached my boss about 6months back, lol...they were doing a photoshoot)

...and most of my new friends are crocheters!
yes we were takin' over this evening! it was really fun.
hope i can make it down on wednesdays again to meet up with them all more.

now back to makin' myself some cuddly wuddly doo-dah scarves.
this having short hair in winter thing demands it!


1 comment:

Belle Reverb said...

Crocheters are way better than knitters. Except maybe the multi talented freaks who can do both.