Nov 1, 2008

stitch but no bitch please...

i really really really want to go to the stitch and bitch at the maple leaf on monday evening after work as its just on the other side of covent garden...but i don't think i know anyone that goes along to this group and a few people i know that have tried it have said that they pretty much live up to their name and its quite cliquey and hard to break into...but i want to go along and form my own opinion!

o dear.
guess i could just go along for a drink and if i feel comfortable i could whip out my crochet.

or is there anyone reading this that goes along that i could tag along with please?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The girls who run SnB seem nice enough, although I've never gone to one of their nights. I'd come with you if I could though!