Nov 22, 2008

just barely back from milan...

newly tattooed and freezing to the bone!
it wasnt' that much warmer over there but i'm really feelin' it today - so off to have a nice lovely facial over at the beauty lounge in a bit...and as its just underneath my local shop 'all the fun of the fair' i shall definitely be popping into there - especially as i'm missin' the launch at iknit today.

so much to do but i need to rest before i head out.
hardly slept at all last night as was out with our tattoo artist til around 2am and then up at 4:30am for the car to the airport...but it was worth it to see the 'black keys' play in such a small venue and to score such lovely tattoos.

i now have butterflies and flowers added to my back to start filling it in, and rafrasilecs has a pretty pretty cherry blossom and tibetan flame shoulder piece...and i even snuck in enough stitch and bitch time while he was getting tattooed that i made another 4 skully squares for me afghan!

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