Nov 30, 2008

plans plans plans

this week has been quite mad!

finally got my vacation time signed off so i can go ahead and go home to california for xmas. so been busy busy planning that! want to go up the coast to sfo with the fiance as he's never been there so have been looking into nice sightseeing train rides as hard to chill out when driving, so any california craftsers around then i may drop in on you lol, x

then my daughter decides she is comin back to london for a quick tour and will be here friday! which is great except her room has been gutted and we are trying to get all the wood stripped so we can stain it all - but instead now looks like we'll be staining what we can and the rest will be a quik paint and just get whatever black carpet we can find in there by the end of the week, phew...will be nice though to have it sorted and then move into that room and do mine up when im back in january.

thinking black and white with accents of bright bright green in for mine now and the fiance is starting to warm to the idea - anything too plain tends to remind me of suburban swinger bedrooms so i want it to be very very over the top! lots of shine and mirrors and funky 70s accoutrements so it is fun! right now its very boudoir so k for me but maybe not to share once we are married!

o dear how are we going to fit a wedding in this year!
latest idea is to do it in istanbul where we got engaged, but who knows!
and i still want to take him to venice for valentines day (reminder to self - look at calendar now!)
as even though he is italian, he's from naples so never been there and i love venice - its such a fairy tale city...

so lots of planning and thinking and re-planning.
like the sitting room decor - i'd been making the skully blanket to go with a black and burgundy room but i think now avocado green may take over the colour scheme, which means the jolly todger blanket is no longer going to go with the room i am afeared!

i mentioned that i should just sew together what i've done and give to my niece manni-rosie maria donna alvarex holt (or something like that) but the fiance said NO he definitely wants it and i think he's worried if i stop now he'll never get an afghan out of me. but try stopping me! i looove making blankets - just wish the ones i like making took less than a year to do. ugh. really i should try chunky yarn and a loose stitch one day...

but its so not me to do it the easy way!

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