Nov 6, 2008

wednesday is my new thursday...

so just a quickie as i'm feeling tired and achey from spending too much time sitting in meetings today...lovely client though so it could be worse, but as it's made me so behind on work i knda threw in the towel around 5pm and ran off to the pub with the head of one of my production companies. hence why i didn't make it to knitblubclub this evening...i was just too tired and came home and flaked out and did some yoga, trying to stretch out my weary body.

will try to make thursday night next week though,
although i'm loving all my new amaxing wednesday night @ iknit friends!
it's too hard to choose nights and will be even harder to fit 2 a week in...
o dear. i love my job but i love my crafty friends too.
and i'm thinking more and more of re-nstating the bloomsbury skyline club monthly stitch and bitch ( i.e. at my house, lol!) just because i have sooo many friends that want to do it that they'd not all fit in iknit!!

well, better go check my ravelry and then off to sleepies.
just finished off the skully square i started last night at knitclub.
it's sooo wonky!!! my counting was all off from talking all night, but i decided to leave it the way it is and whenever i look at that square of the afghan it will remind me of that night at iknit.

it's like a little crocheted snapshot...

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