Dec 21, 2008

first day here...

had an okay flight over to california...crocheted alot of the way over, making myself a a lovely skull scarf like i made my secretsanta ana (she loved it).  then we hit THE WEATHER.  california rain.  we circled and dropped and then gained altitude and were routed out over the i didn't get to see all the lovely christmas lights and backyard pools like i usually do.  we'll have to do a tour of the area and see what we can find!

first few days were spent up by farmer's market on fairfax in a lovely hotel called the farmers daughter.   great little boutiquey place with a great restaraunt called tart - yum! our room was so cute all decorated with denim upholstery and chicken design wallpaper. we are already thinking about maybe having an engagement party there on their cute patio area in the springtime when the weather is!

we gotta do something because we've been engaged almost a yr and people are really really hassling us to get married as soon as poss.

o i found a lovely italian white fur kimono decorated with swarovski crystal beads to wear as a wedding jacket over something flowy and some little ballet slippers.  so here's hoping for a winter wedding in istanbul as it would be perfect!!!

also had one of the best...but most painful pedicures of my life while staying up there in l.a...went down melrose my first day back, on my way to get my pedicure i stubbed my toes and fell and broke my big toe and my next toe...but as i'd waited 3 weeks for this pedicure there was nothing that was going to stop me!!!  getting it - even soaking in water hurt!  but wow are my toes - even the broken ones pretty.

my ears must have still been blocked by the turbulent flight/landing, because i went down with a thump.  was so strange as it was like a car crash - it happened in such slow motion. so tried to twist and break my own fall, hit part of my knee (blak and blue now) and my left wrist and thumb - which really really feel broken, but i've managed to keep crocheting!  i'm okay as long as working on something big, but reindeer antlers hurt.

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