Dec 27, 2008

sunday in so cal...

so we are off to pechanga tomoro to go touring vineyards and gambling a bit...wish me luck! swear that i should be employed as a cooler when my allergies are up...and they are up and they are bad and so bad that i'm getting ill from them. this is the worst that they have been since i tried to go stay overnight at a party that had dogs then sought refuge somewhere with cats...or that time i tried to make a shrug out of mohair!

i'm on zirtek pills and spray and have now bought some redbush tea which helps as well - but i really think the best thing to do will be to get away from the house and out into the desert for some different air!

so sorry all that means i'll be missing all the groups and get togethers that are happening sunday/monday, but will try my hardest to be at starbucks on tuesday night to see all my new stitchy girlfriends again!

(iknitters please don't be jealous - its just a holiday fling!)

so tonight i'm staying in at my parents' and doing laundry and tearing out a swing jacket my mom started before her eyes went - she's lost loads of weight since then so i'm going to make it a small instead of a large for her...

its 4 balls of yarn so i should be able to finish it while i'm here. fingers crossed.


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