Jan 22, 2009

it's not a secret!

so...went to my friends' wedding party tonight and presented them with the crocheted dalek and i'm not sure if they loved it, but everyone else did and i will now be making one for my lovely friend anno spaceboy and her wifey. after all, they were the ones that sent me the pattern in the first place so it's only fair!

while at the wedding party i also recruited another 2 inhabitants of the silicone roundabout to attend the hoxton knit at prague bar on tuesday evenings...so my lovely friends kerrching and mildlydiverting will be coming along too.

i better slow down on tellng my friends what a great group it is or we'll soon be running out of spaces to sit!

just rafrasilecs come along next week, i miss not stitching with my lovely fiance, and i really want to get on planning our wedding!

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