Jan 20, 2009

if its tuesday it must be prague...

headed down to hoxton knitters again tonight and i'm still feeling it is my fvourite stitch and bitch so far! i really like prague bar - good beer, nice people and excellent tunes - and the louder the music gets the more crochet i seem to get through!

last thursday's iknit was just as nice too...but sooo packed out that rafrasilecs and i decided to head across the street to the pub for a couple and hoped for it to thin out...i had a lovely cocktail made of gran marnier, lime, and red chili! do have to say i was more than a bit tipsy just from the one by the time i got back to iknit. luckily it was no longer standing room only and i got to catch up with the lovely yvonne stash.

won't be making it this thursday though as i've got a wedding party to attend...and i've finished a lovely crocheted dalek as a present. my friends are going to love it!

now back to the tv coverage of today's obama inauguration.

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