Jan 12, 2009


i started my first weddin' present dalek!
can't believe that the lovely amdowns has made the pattern free online
(donation to a good cause if able)

i've started the blue boy dalek, and am making him out of that caron eco yarn that is made of recycled plastic bottles. do have to confess that it's my new favourite. its so yummy and its nice to know my crocheted nic nads aren't impacting too much on the planet.

does anyone know of any recycled fiber toy stuffing?
i usually use beans but probably not best for this as its quite holey so the dalek might poo them out.

o and has anyone ever seen this porn film?
ejaculate! ejaculate!

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Emanation said...

I used raw wool to stuff amigurumi - once in an emergency I used cotton wool : )