Jan 14, 2009

shoes boos and tattoos

last night so far has been my best most favourite stitch and bitch ever!
well...besides the iknit sunday knitroast at the pub in soho but it only loses marks as its freezing in there...but i finally went along to prague bar and it was so nice to be around alot of women that i just immediately felt comfortable with! that's not say i don't cherish the others i've met up with elsewhere - especially my lovely celia in anaheim.

so i was sitting there with everyone in the window of prague bar in shoreditch crocheting another skully square (more below) and my lovely friend fanny minka saw me and popped in!  fanny is the one i'm going to leave alll my shoes to when i die as we are exactly the same size and she looks so good in them...i just wish i was as thin as her and with the same sense of style!

i must have enough to finish off the blanket now for rafrasiles!
but whatever will i take along for my pub crocheting when this is done?
all i can think of is to maybe make a lovely sampler afghan of crochet stitches as there are sooo many lovely stitches out there that i want to try and may never incorporate into a project otherwise.  i also want to experiment more with texture and doing embossed type alpahabets (thanks to ppl on ravelry for patterns!) to do some crocheted thank you cards.

and reminder to self:
collect plastic carrier bags from everyone at work for recycled crochet projects!
i think i want to make some bowls for the office/x

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Hoxton said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Lovely to meet you too and hope to see you in Prague again soon! Katie