Jan 27, 2009

sorry i left so early tonight...

and thanks to those that were so sweet to me and understanding and told me to get it all out...but there was alot to get out - i'd beeen holding it in for days. it was my first real hard cry since the fiance and i have been having problems.

he got made redundant. things were wierd. then i overreacted to something he said and it's sooo much worse now. more worse than i could ever imagine...and it's strange because i really feel like i've let myself down. and him.

he's taken such good care of me and now i'm not doing a very good job. i just keep working on the skully blanket and hope that it's still a living together gift.

so...i'll be back out when i can.


Peversia said...

Hugs...you know where I am if you want to chat

Arianwen said...

Hugs to you both!