Jan 29, 2009

run run runaway

i'm sorry i won't be making this evening at iknit...i'm not really up for going it alone just yet and i should go home and pack anyway for my runaway punker weekend with fishwhiskers!  i've got alot to get together...my toiletries and milk thistly and prozac and codeine and vicodin and any other medication for a broken heart that i can find...and dandelion tea.  altho why bother?  i'd rather my liver exploded the life i have right now.

and i must pack ALOT of crochet...fishie is another crochet fiend and i don't want to run out of anything.  will work on my dalek and take some other patterns/ideas like cherry pie slices and big flowery scarves and other things...i'm still working on skully squares even though now i've no idea if it will ever be a living together present - so i've come up with an alternative plan that's been inspired by the hoxton girlies...

crochet graffiti...so if you see little bright skulls and crossbones sewn to street furniture you know that i'm definitely single (which means also drunk and pain-dulled).

but still not a bad idea is it?

o and i also need to try to haul fish's gear she when she was here for pirate halloween...so probably won't be taking any sort of laptop  -  unless i buy that little small samsung that i've been lusting after since before xmas!

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