Mar 2, 2009

yarnpunk weekend!

sooo...what a weekend!
friday was eventually spent in soho yarn shopping and stitching and bitching and getting tattooed. we hit up all the fun of the fair for me to replenish my supply of yellow to make more yarn bombing easter eggs. and i face to faced with the lovely gemma there that i'd been talking to on ravelry just that morning. we also met a cute girlie who is doing a digital knitwear course so dragged her along to the ship with us to drink and crochet our waiting time til the lovely stewart robson at frith street could tattoo us matching biohazard symbols.

of course we also took over a corner of the tattoo shop while we were waiting and all the staff loved the idea of me yarnbombing soho with crocheted easter eggs. well, except for the owner dante who said it was just a posh way of littering! guess who has a surprise pink and yello striped easter egg hidden away at the back of their cupboard!

next day was pretty much rinse and repeat but this time it was my lovely newest best friendliest knitroaster getting tattooed by gino at diamond jacks...then much veggie fajita fun was had by all! (photos to follow - i finally found my camera in fishwhiskers' yarn bag!!!)

sunday and the lovely fiance met up with us and we saw the fishie off back to bristol with a wave and saunter back home via the queen. and i got a buckingham palace thimble for my collection!


JafaBrit's Art said...

Love the skull afghan you're making. Yes I have hear of knit graff as littering with self indulgent cuteness and I say, GUILTY as CHARGED.

Fishwhiskers said...

... and here I am in person :) i think she tried to keep it secret from me hahaha