Feb 27, 2009

good friday (for me)

ooo...i've got today off as the lovely fishwhiskers is here in london this weekend with me and we are off to get tattooed and eat yummy vegan indian food with the fiance rafrasilecs at my favourite place on drummond street. drummond street is amaxing - tis a whole little street full of indian restaraunts and most of them are veggie! with a lovely sweet shop too...so i'm lounging around in my blue spangly knickers and she's got plum dye on her head - i'm jealous! think i must do something with my boring brown classic asymmetric bob soon!

and of course this morning has already been full of crochet, coffee, and bloody marys!
i've managed a bright flouro coral coloured crocheted easter egg to add to the pile already overflowin my lovely wooden bowl that i got in namibia...mmm...namibia...i'm so missing africa...and am tempting myself by thinking i'll tag along to the gambia with fishie when she goes at the end of march - as i've already got the dates booked off...maybe kerrching would want to come along too?

could make it a little stitchy adventure, lol...

oky - off to sort ourselves out, put some dreads in her hair and we are out of here!

o and i so want to make this buddha!

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