Apr 23, 2009

need some mojo gogo.

i'm losing my crochet mojo...

i've got 2 projects now on the go/on hold for the fiance but the way things are so up and down i find it too upsetting to work them up anymore.

so tonight i'll go to bed with my audio book (after this tivo'd episode of 24, and some yoga) and make a different blue 12 pointed celestial katamari star.

tomoro night will be spent baking - as i'm going to go to bake camp instead of social media camp this weekend - that is if i don't go away some where with the fiance or run away with a knitter to wonderwool in wales (is anyone actually going still???)

1 comment:

Fishwhiskers said...

wonderwool in wales? why dont i know about this? as wales generally speaking is 'just over the bridge' LOL