Apr 24, 2009

cherry chocolate vegan gluten free cakemix

no crochet tonight but vegan gluten free baking for bake camp instead!

i've just taken the brownies out of the oven.
and the scones are about halfway there...

then tomoro i might be making some cookies if i can get the right ingredients and i have time after the gym and everything else i need to do. luckily my last appointment had to be cancelled so i can get there to partake of the goodies and alcohol and tea as early as possible.

thanks to the lovely kerrching for hostessing it...

one wierd thing though - in all these years i've never bought fake egg.
doing so this afternoon made me feel really strange and has made me really really re-think this urban vegan thing. if i wanted to get luscious fresh eggs in london where would i go?
(i used to buy direct from coram's fields)

other thing is while i've been baking away i've been listenin to alot of cow punk/alt cuntry that i grabbed off my old flatmate's hard drive. makes me really miss her - will have to organise a baking slumber party with her soon!!!

scone update:
they smell like glue
look rough and taste too plain.
next time i will go with my plan of seasoning salt and grated courgette...
still will be nice straight out of the oven with spread for me right now!

i'm due a midnight snak.

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Fishwhiskers said...

fake egg? eeewww that just made me cringe. but hot scones straight out of the oven sound yummy!!! with lashings of alpro cream and strawberry jam ... gosh i could roll in that now. xxx