May 11, 2009

last week

well there won't be anymore bake camps for me.
i really can't face going back and sitting with all the settled down girlie girls again.
especially now that things have gotten sooo messed up.

not really been crafting much the last week or so.
did the race for life with the iknit team and can now add almost £200 to their almost £4k.
i crocheted all the way round the track, but ripped it out the next day as it was too have slowly been building it back up.

but nothing else.
i want to make a lovely lacey scarf out of the 2ply that i got from all the fun of the fair the other day, but i can't bring myself to wind it up off the hank by meself.  this fucking messed up relationship thing really really sucks.

will take with me to stockholm in a couple weeks - who knows, it might end up as hair extensions!!!


Arianwen said...

Thinking of you. I hope you get creative and wind your yarn.

cherie... said...

thanks honey = me too!
i need something to do on my flight next week...x