Apr 26, 2009

sunday funday.

well, bake camp was fun...to a point.
great baking - lots of lovely champagne - and lovely friends.
but all these friends are settled down, living with their partners, and have numerous degrees each - and are younger. i'm sitting here with no qualifications to speak of, with a relationship that is so far from living together that i'm still thinking i'll need a flatmate soon to help with the bills - and the loneliness...i really wished that i'd fitted in more.

so am looking at birkbeck to maybe study something like this economics course as it inter disciplinary so 'd probably find it quite interesting. but the relationship thing i really can't push anymore - as much as i want to...

and one good thing that came out of bake camp - i think i'll add it to my weekly rituals!
so now i'm this:
monday gym
tuesday hoxton
wednesday iknit or gym
thursday iknit or gym
friday relationship therapy
saturday gym
sunday pub!

altho before gym tomoro i want to buy some new 2ply yarn to make myself a nice patchwork stole of the arcade diamond medallions/granny squares. really need something for summer!


Fishwhiskers said...

hmmmm i know what u mean about wishing u fitted in more. i have often thought that. but on the other hand, we're probably much more interesting ;) u seem to be busy enough though, that's always good for the soul. shame u live in london, else u would have me as a flatmate in a jiffy :-) xxx

Arianwen said...

Your gorgeous! Your smart! your funny! you don't need to be the same as everyone to be liked and respected. And you have friends who like and respect you...or you wouldn't have such a great social life:)