Jun 18, 2009

'the honour roll of chariots of fire'

on the sofa watching the punk classic film repo man
damn emilio estevez used to be a cutie!
anyway - just notices one of the repo men sits at his desk and knits...
wish the knitting in film awards wasn't just for the year, that there were honorable mentions to the art or something, lol.

so reason i'm on the sofa tonight?
i've been sick sick sick sick worst scary sick i have ever been ever in my life.
got mastitis, from cellulitis, that seems to have happened when i caught stomach flu and got even more run down than i already was from stress and emotion and a bit of tattooing maybe - seems i just hadn't had a moment to breathe since i had flue before my stockholm trip, and guess it all caught up with me as everything shut down and by the time the isis (my daughter) took me to the doctor last friday my temperature was 44degrees (in eurotrash measurement).

that is the highest temp the doc had ever seen, so i guess i win!
and today is the first day i've not been stuck on the bed with all the windows open, laying round in my knickers with a cold cloth on my head and neck and another soaked in chamomile on my bosom for the mastitis...had to do something voodoo as the penicillin is taking its sweet time to kick in - altho it is good at enhancing the pukiness from my stomach flue.

so not made anything at all in the last week...
today is actually also the first day that i've even felt like reading or eating.
vampire porn and english strawberries make a good mix when not sleeping.
but i still lost the whole afternoon to slumber...just like everyday since last wednesday.
i know i've not slept so much in my life, but guess i need to in case the doc says it's still okay for me to go to ibiza next week!


Fishwhiskers said...

Blimey, I didnt know you were THAT ill. Sorry for not being in touch, just got caught up in my own stupid stuff. I am not a good friend, am I? I hang my head in shame :( Love you!! xxx

cherie... said...

no one knew - i was too sick to let anyone know...well except for ex-fiance but he could clearly no longer care if live or die, and scando-toy who only cares about himself.

so you are a really good friend!

love you too x

Fishwhiskers said...

you sure about emilio estevez or has the fever deluded you LOL http://www.celebritiesfans.com/Pic/emilioestevez.jpg

cherie... said...

yup he used to be a cutie!