Jun 3, 2009

ufo's of the heart

i got home from a hospital appointment this evening to find my lovely daughter here which is nice...but i also came home to the realisation that i now have ufo's all over my house! how did this happen? well, i know how it happened - i ran out of toy stuffing and my engagement has been called off. so my coffee table is strewn with celestian stars that are all 99% done and need to be stuffed and a bag of mario piranha plants and daleks behind the sofa that also need padding out.

then there is the big box of skull and crossbone afghan squares that all need evening up...
but this project somehow turned into a moving in present for the fiance because i was basing the colours on him bringing his oxblood chesterfield (yes posh schoolboy) along with him. now i don't know if i just continue to finish it for me, or break it up into bits to make a blanket for my niece rosie, or what. the yarn is much to good to make into a dog blanket for the ibiza tattoo shop or to yarnbomb as jolly roger flags.


i hate that things have gotten so messed up.
how did it all spiral so far out of control?
i speak to him and he says he is as miserable as i am...

sorry - i'm upset and frustrated and no amount of young sexy tattooed swedish rock gods is going to shake me out of it. even if they did crochet it just would not be the same!

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Fishwhiskers said...

I think I would leave those squares in a box for now ... u never know! time is a great healer ... even for broken relationship. the cracks of now might disappear ... xxxx