Jul 2, 2009

back from ibiza

managed to crochet ohms.
but the dogbone that i made was very well received by my friend neil's dog scratch!
i was in town late one night and left it in their big gold door knocker as a secret admirer present and when they came down in the morning doggie scratch went made...so neil could tell that it was left by someone that they knew well as my scent was all over it. then when i saw them she stayed at my feet the whole time.

aw...i already miss them.
do have to say that spending time drinking red wine with neil was more healing and therapeutic than any relationship counselling session that i had here in london with alla - even with her russian accent. he made me realise that i deserve so much better, and that i should no longer give a fuck at all...but most importantly he talked me out of giving up.

however the outcome is i am really starting to hate my x rafrasilecs.
if he ca't be bothered to talk to me about breaking the engagement then what can i do?

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Fishwhiskers said...

way to go girly ... upwards and onwards now :) xxx